Tree houses are constructed in a mature tree and used for a home or recreation.

So, we traveled for 15 minutes Dumaguete to Bacong. Tada! Welcome to Bacong Talisay Beach Park and Tree House! This place is located in Bacong, Negros Oriental. A nice place where you can stay and relax. Talisay Beach Park has three tree houses overlooking the ocean with Siquijor Island and Apo Island viewed from a distance.



The other day, we had our outing and I am with my school organization friends and some of the members. Kuya Mel rented a Videoke for those who want to sing along. We all brought foods for everybody can eat. By the way, all photos were taken: October 14, 2018, and credits to the owner, Ate Jessa and Kuya Mel.



I got a little bored, so, I swim with them. It was fun because we played a game while we’re in the water and I don’t know the real name but they call it zombie-zombie. Once you are tagged by the tag your already one of them, and you’ll swim again to help them find another victim. But everything happened that day was fun!




So, that’s it, thank you for reading this blog post, and may God guide you on your journey. Have a nice day!